Writing Petals


Surprise attack!
Surprise attack!

Finally got the homepage back in its original state. I absolutely don't know why it disappeared on me. 

I really should be working on my thesis, but instead I'm updating this weebly site. -_- Anyway, I was spamming the Notebook section, added some more links in navigation and simply played around with the extra pages (which are locked).

It's been a while. Currently spamming the blog in my Notebook section to organize my stuff.

Edited the Profile page and About page. Will work on the Notebook page.

17.04. 2011
Launching the site called "Writing Petals"! I've tried to make navigation as easy as possible. The picture of the cat was randomly chosen from Weebly's search feature, so if this cute cat belongs to you please tell me so that I can properly tag it as not-mine.